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In today’s economy, self-employed people often have the greatest job security. The reward of entrepreneurship is independence, financial freedom and more. Imagine creating your own secure source of income–with unlimited potential! You can establish a great new home-based business that can be part-time or full-time… and even grow into a brick and mortar business. The choice is yours, and always will be when you’re a business owner.

Benefits of starting a tax business:

  • Earn $100/hour or more as an experienced pro
  •  Reduce your own tax liability
  • Your skills will make you more marketable
  • ​Work 3 months of the year and make a great income
  • ​Have your summers and holidays free
  • ​Be more secure – you control your own destiny
  • ​Start at home with minimal expenses

It’s easier and less expensive than you think!

  • Minimal start-up costs
  • ​Get your tax business started quickly
  • ​No accounting background or degree required
  • ​We teach you everything you need to know and do it faster than you think!
  • ​No need to reinvent the wheel – we offer tax manuals on policies and procedures, tax preparation marketing, personnel and expansion

Huge growth potential

Millions of Americans pay a tax professional to prepare and file their tax return every year and Congress continues to make more changes to the tax code. These changes make taxpayers even more confused and frustrated and they are seeking out the help of Tax Professionals more than ever.

As the number of taxpayers continues to grow, so does the need for qualified Tax Return Preparers. And now, with the recent changes to the U.S. economy, it’s more important than ever for taxpayers to claim all of the credits and deductions due them and pay no more than the exact amount of taxes they owe. Starting your own tax business will enable you to meet this growing demand and also give you the flexibility and security you deserve.

High income potential

Having a home-based tax business can be very lucrative.

The amount of money you can make will depend on your market and how easily you can attract clients. With a tax preparation home business, you will have very little overhead; therefore, you have the ability to charge less than your competition.
  • An experienced independent tax professional can earn up to $100 per hour
  • ​That’s $5,000 per week for a 50-hour week, or $60,000 for the 3 month tax season!
You won’t likely earn that much during your first tax season because you will still be learning and recruiting new clients. But by marketing effectively and providing excellent client service, you can grow through high client retention and referrals and quickly attain that level of income for just 3-months work, and continue to grow your tax business!

What’s even more exciting is that as your business grows through new clients and referrals, your future earnings potential is much greater! Plus, you can enjoy your summers and holidays because most of your business in generated during the concentrated filing season from mid-January through mid-April. Or, you could consider providing other services for your tax clients and generate income year-round!

Additional revenue stream

Due to recent changes in the economy, many people are looking for additional revenue streams in order to maintain their current lifestyles. A home-based tax business can supplement your income, pay the bills, enable you to save for retirement, and more.
Your income tax business can be a stand-alone business offering just tax preparation services, or you may find it to be a complimentary business that can be added to another business that you are already involved in, such as
  • Financial Services
  • ​Insurance
  • Accounting or Bookkeeping
Your clients will appreciate having one person that can handle their finances.

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